The Main Technologies Used For Water Heating

Water heating is a massive energy hog for any houseowner in Australia. It consumes about 40% of a household’s energy usage and can have a toll on your energy bills! However, you will be happy to know that there are ways to reduce energy consumption and overall costs. Using energy-efficient technologies and renewable sources is

30 Oct 2022
iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 15 Ultra: Apple could blow up its price by switching materials

While the iPhone 14 has just been released and we learn that some references do not really seduce the public, forcing Apple to reduce their production, some information is already coming from the iPhone 15. More precisely, it’s the top-of-the-range version, the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is the subject of some leaks. We saw with

26 Oct 2022
Radeon RX 7900 XTX

Radeon RX 7900 XTX: the future spearhead of AMD’s RDNA 3 range?

After NVIDIA, the new generation of graphics cards is preparing to take over at AMD as well. Although difficult to source, the release of the GeForce RTX 4090 at NVIDIA has opened the ball for the new generation. A ball that should see AMD land next week. The delay of the Navi 32 and Navi

26 Oct 2022

Wireless headphones, chargers, cables… The real danger of fake smartphone accessories

As smartphone manufacturers often sell the accessories for their devices at a high price, it is very tempting to turn to brands, mostly Chinese ones, that sell copies for a ridiculously small price. However, to cut costs, these unscrupulous firms do not hesitate to take liberties with the most basic safety rules, even if it

31 Jan 2020

Internet 3.0 from the sky, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ new challenge!

On July 4, the American national holiday, Amazon solemnly submitted a request for authorization to the Federal Communications Commission for its ambitious Kuiper project. This one aims to provide an Internet connection from the stars. Jeff Bezos’ company plans to deploy more than 3,200 satellites in total. Amazon aims to provide a broadband connection to

18 Sep 2019

Researchers create an AI that makes it easy to develop deepfakes from a single image

Currently being researched to make them more realistic, deepfakes – a contraction of deep learning and fake – allude to image synthesis techniques based on artificial intelligence.┬áModern, current deep-fake techniques are already yielding impressive results, which is a concern for US legislators. There is a concern that they may be used against individuals to represent

21 May 2019

Understanding the Black Hole Picture Released Last Week

A reddish halo on a black background. It may not be as impressive as in science fiction movies, but this image is historical. It is the first authentic photograph of a black hole. Provided by the collective Event Horizon Telescope, this image shows the black hole in the center of the M87 galaxy, 63 million

28 Apr 2019
pax 3 weed vaporizer

Weed Vaporizers Technology:Conduction or Convection

Used for medical purposes (as part of therapeutic cannabis treatment for example), for recreational purposes or to enjoy medicinal plants, the vaporizer is currently available in an impressive choice of models. This market is booming, and a vaporizer comparator can offer you dozens of models if you request specific features. Choosing the right vaporizer is

11 Mar 2019

Evernote’s new boss is committed to solving several big problems

While Evernote is facing significant difficulties that have been going on for several months, the new CEO, Ian Small, wanted to share the startup’s new resolutions. After taking over Evernote’s presidency in October, the new boss of the start-up was keen to share his new commitments, indicating that the startup would tackle several problems. Evernote

04 Feb 2019

Fluoride batteries: a cleaner and more efficient alternative?

Researchers have found a solution to use a fluoride-based battery at room temperature. An alternative to the lithium-ion battery, still experimental but promising to be more efficient and less polluting. Valuable assets for the energy transition. Fluoride batteries are ten times more energy dense and less polluting. It is the promise made by researchers working

29 Jan 2019
Face recognition systems

Face recognition of Android smartphones deceived by 3D printing

A Forbes journalist recently tested a 3D facial recognition unlocking system on different smartphones using a 3D printed version of his face. All Android smartphones would eventually open, but iPhone X was reluctant! iPhone X’s Face ID facial recognition system is always more accurate and secure than that of its Android competitors. Thomas Brewster, a

19 Jan 2019
chinese miners in a bitcoin mine

Should I invest in Bitcoin in 2019?

Could and should I invest in Bitcoin? It’s a problematic question a lot of readers are asking us daily. Many present Bitcoin as an electronic currency that will revolutionise the world, but it is also a very volatile financial asset. Many governments do not recognise it as a currency at all. Much of the activity

22 Dec 2018
Fake reviews on Play Store

Fake reviews on Play Store: Google declares a war

Fake reviews, such as fictitious notes, are becoming a problem for the Google Android app store. The company recently announced that it has already eliminated millions of them. And it doesn’t intend to stop there. Developers are warned and run the risk of being banned, as well as their applications. Recruiting users, it’s best to

19 Dec 2018

Samsung Bringing 5G Phone To The United States

It is becoming one of those technological advancements that gains more hype with each passing month. There is no doubt that we are going to get better internet performance when 5G networks are matured. But it does appear that such a moment is coming sooner than later. Companies in the United States are already building

10 Dec 2018

Did Apple Succeed With The New Macbook Air?

Apple has a dedicated user base that has been using the Macbook Air for many years. Even though the product had not seen an upgrade in a long time, there were many who would buy it when they needed a new laptop. Why? Because it is thin, light, offers great battery life and was affordable.

10 Dec 2018
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