chinese miners in a bitcoin mine

Should I invest in Bitcoin in 2019?

Could and should I invest in Bitcoin? It’s a problematic question a lot of readers are asking us daily. Many present Bitcoin as an electronic currency that will revolutionise the world, but it is also a very volatile financial asset. Many governments do not recognise it as a currency at all. Much of the activity

22 Dec 2018
Fake reviews on Play Store

Fake reviews on Play Store: Google declares a war

Fake reviews, such as fictitious notes, are becoming a problem for the Google Android app store. The company recently announced that it has already eliminated millions of them. And it doesn’t intend to stop there. Developers are warned and run the risk of being banned, as well as their applications. Recruiting users, it’s best to

19 Dec 2018

Samsung Bringing 5G Phone To The United States

It is becoming one of those technological advancements that gains more hype with each passing month. There is no doubt that we are going to get better internet performance when 5G networks are matured. But it does appear that such a moment is coming sooner than later. Companies in the United States are already building

10 Dec 2018

Did Apple Succeed With The New Macbook Air?

Apple has a dedicated user base that has been using the Macbook Air for many years. Even though the product had not seen an upgrade in a long time, there were many who would buy it when they needed a new laptop. Why? Because it is thin, light, offers great battery life and was affordable.

10 Dec 2018
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