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B-Com is a website that is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest news about the technology industry. We are enthusiasts who spent many years reading about the best new tech products and innovations that came out. Anytime we would get a chance, we would buy these items and try them out for ourselves. Now we want to share our passion by informing our readers about the latest news, gadgets, advancements and other details surrounding the sector.

Our ambition is to innovate for the common good by driving major innovations in smarter and faster networks and hypermedia development. Discover bcom in 90 seconds thanks to this key facts and figures video.

In 2020, 50 billion objects will be connected, and users will be even more mobile than today. Entertainment, work, and health will all undergo revolutions. Image immersion, digital trust, privacy protection, network security and efficiency, applications for a digital society, and health are central to the issues covered by b<>com.

To address these challenges, the Institute concentrates the best technological skills in one main campus in Rennes with satellite sites in Lannion and Brest , all in West Coast France : the 3 sites are located in ecosystems with worldwide track record in broadcast and telco technologies. Recognized in 2012 by the global business cluster Images & Réseaux, it is supported by the French government’s Investissements d’Avenir (Investing in the Future) program and by local authorities in Brittany, Rennes, Lannion-Trégor, and Brest.

Bcom is also ISO 9001 certified and present in several standards organizations.

We are fast growing online community that is only going to get stronger in the coming months. We have a number of full time technology writers who have written for major publications in the past. We also work hard to hire freelancers who will be able to fill in any holes in our coverage, as we want our readers to learn about all the latest happenings that are related to technology.

When there is a major news story, product release or other event that we want to cover, we make sure to get original news to our readers. The site is not one where you are going to get rewritten news stories that you could find elsewhere. We will be covering all the major news stories, but you will see that we have a new angle to show you with all of our reporting. It is our goal to go beyond the headlines and to give you the real scoop about the latest tech news.

Many topics are covered by our news stories and blog posts. You will see news stories and blogs about computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, speaker systems, headphones, wireless technologies, telecom, video over internet, and virtual reality. We also have a number of gaming writers that are happy to present the latest scoops related to video games.

If you have any comments about our stories or suggestions for topics that you would like to see on the side, do not feel shy about getting in touch through our contact page!

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