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Did Apple Succeed With The New Macbook Air?

Apple has a dedicated user base that has been using the Macbook Air for many years. Even though the product had not seen an upgrade in a long time, there were many who would buy it when they needed a new laptop. Why? Because it is thin, light, offers great battery life and was affordable. At least, those are the qualities of the older Macbook Air.  So how does the new one match up?

The 2018 Macbook Air

When you look at the Air, you are going to notice the change in appearance ahead of everything else. It now looks very similar to the new Macbook Pro laptops, while being a little thinner and lighter.

The display is also much better. The old air had a near 720p display that was fairly dim, compared to their modern laptops. And the new Air has improved a lot on that display. It is now an impressive 227 dpi, higher than 1080p and offers good brightness.

It is still not as bright as the Macbook Pro. If you want to work outdoors or in areas with a lot of sun glare, then you will want to pay the extra money to get that brighter screen.

Impressive Performance

The performance on the new Air is very good, even if it does have a dual core processor. The base model gives you 8GB Ram, which is good for multi tasking on Mac OS. And you get at least 128GB of high speed SSD storage space as well.

The OS is very zippy given the Air uses NVME SSDs, which are the fastest on the market. And there are no slowdowns when you are multi tasking or opening up many tabs on a browser.

It will be an issue if you are doing more demanding tasks. But if you are buying a Macbook Air, you should be hoping to do intense photo editing or any video editing. Light editing will be fine, but anything more should be done on a Pro or ideally a desktop computer.

New Features

What is new in the Air, beyond upgraded specs? Apple consumers will be happy to know there is now a fingerprint sensor in the top corner of the keyboard area. It is easy to set up, very fast and reliable. There is no need to login with a password, as you can now log into your account the same way you would open up your iPhones before the iPhone X.

There is also a chip that Apple labels the T2, which is there to give you more security for your data. It means that a hacker cannot get into your data even if they get their hands on the device. It is also compatible with Siri, meaning you can use the assistant on your Macbook Air.

The downside with the chip is that it is harder to user service the laptop if something goes wrong. So you are going to be better off if you get AppleCare with this laptop, resulting in free or much cheaper repairs.

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