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Evernote’s new boss is committed to solving several big problems

While Evernote is facing significant difficulties that have been going on for several months, the new CEO, Ian Small, wanted to share the startup’s new resolutions.

After taking over Evernote’s presidency in October, the new boss of the start-up was keen to share his new commitments, indicating that the startup would tackle several problems.

Evernote wants to reassure its users

In his shared ticket on January 3, Ian Small reviews his first months as a CEO, during which time he says he took the time to meet with teams and community members. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop him from being hard on Evernote, so he says:

“Frankly, it’s a little dishonest for me to try to motivate our most dedicated users to invent Evernote’s future when the same people know best that synchronization doesn’t always work well. Or that Evernote on Windows is a little tired, and that it lacks some of the features found on the Mac version. Or that each version of Evernote seems to work slightly differently, and has its unique collection of bugs and unwanted behaviors. Or that Evernote on mobile devices sometimes looks like a reduced version of a powerful desktop application, instead of a first mobile view in a powerful productivity environment compatible with the cloud.”

As he points out, these technical problems are not a discovery for Evernote’s team, but he doesn’t explain why they haven’t been solved beforehand. Therefore, it commits to doing so during 2019 through several objectives:

– We will create a more consistent Evernote experience for each version of the product we deliver, from Evernote Basic to an experience that sets the essential characteristics on which we all depend.

– Fundamental changes will be made to the way we develop and deliver software so that we can start shipping all the devices we support faster and we can all experience the same Evernote, regardless of the device we use to live it.

– And we will make improvements to the underlying infrastructure behind the applications you use so that we can provide an Evernote with the speed, reliability, and scalability we all expect.

Will Evernote see the end of the tunnel someday?

If Evernote’s new boss is writing such a message, it is also to reassure the platform’s users. Indeed, the startup has been in the grip of a real “deadly spiral” for several months now, from which it seems to have great difficulty getting out.

Although the situation does not seem desperate, the young company was nevertheless laid off 15% of its workforce before experiencing a wave of departures among a large number of its managers.

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