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Fake reviews on Play Store

Fake reviews on Play Store: Google declares a war

Fake reviews, such as fictitious notes, are becoming a problem for the Google Android app store. The company recently announced that it has already eliminated millions of them. And it doesn’t intend to stop there. Developers are warned and run the risk of being banned, as well as their applications.

Recruiting users, it’s best to have enough positive feedback and a good score. Application developers are well aware of this, to the point that they sometimes give in to bad practices.

Google has decided to try to put an end to some of them, those who aim to generate false opinions and fictitious evaluations because people can industrialize the practice through the purchase of fake reviews from third parties.

Removal of problematic apps

app review pageThese services often hide Android botnets. Cybercriminals infect Android phones with malwares and then use these softwares as a bot to post fake reviews on the store, or even to install applications on demand.

This business is proving to be successful and very efficient. Google confirms that it has removed millions of comments and ratings posted on the Play Store last week. Google removed Several thousand requests, including editors who had received suspicious notices and notes.

Unscrupulous editors are warned. In a blog entry, Google sends a public warning to all application developers who may continue to use or plan to use such services in the future.

A myriad of fake reviews

The giant has announced measures against developers who use such methods, denouncing a practice designed to deceive users, but also, at times, to ruin the reputation of competitors.

However, Google will not stop there, and also indicates that it is taking steps to target application developers who use tactics that reward users for their positive feedback and good ratings, for example, through articles in the application, bonuses or even money.

The publisher of the Play Store intends to involve Internet users by encouraging them to report any comments they suspect of violating these rules. For Google, this means cleaning up the Play Store and promoting an environment in which users post constructive comments rather than spam.

And to achieve this goal, users are asked to take care of form and content when posting comments about applications. They should, as far as possible, be civil and avoid any “blasphemous, hateful or irrelevant” language.

The company will have a lot to do to fight fake reviews. Many providers offer their services on the Internet for a price. And the publisher of an application does not have to pay for such services.

And Google’s weapon to remedy this problem is a new “system that combines human intelligence with automatic learning to detect and enforce policy violations in evaluations and reviews. Apps editors must follow the guideline, with the risk of being sanctioned in the short term.

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