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iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 15 Ultra: Apple could blow up its price by switching materials

While the iPhone 14 has just been released and we learn that some references do not really seduce the public, forcing Apple to reduce their production, some information is already coming from the iPhone 15.

More precisely, it’s the top-of-the-range version, the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is the subject of some leaks.

We saw with the iPhone 14 that Apple is segmenting its offer a little more and wants to propose a real premium offer with its most expensive models. Thus, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are left with the Apple A15 chip already present on the iPhone 13 while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer the brand new Apple A16 chip and a better photo part.

Titanium for the iPhone 15 Ultra

Apple plans to further differentiate its models with the release of an iPhone 15 Ultra that will this time swap the steel used since the iPhone X in 2017 for a titanium alloy.

The chassis of the iPhone 15 Ultra would thus be lighter, stronger and insensitive to corrosion. Used in aeronautics, titanium is increasingly invited in luxury items such as jewelry or watches.

In addition, Apple has been using titanium in some Apple Watches since the 5th generation of connected watches, precisely in order to underline their luxurious and high-end orientation. The Apple Watch Ultra is also available in titanium.

iPhone 15 Ultra: the price could explode
Apple has also filed a patent for an oleophobic coating to reduce the appearance of fingerprints. The patent mentions the problem of fingerprints on titanium, and the need to propose a solution.

The rumor about the arrival of titanium on iPhone is not new, so it seems that Apple has been thinking about this development for a few years now. A previous rumor mentioned the arrival of a titanium chassis for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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