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Weed Vaporizers Technology:Conduction or Convection

Used for medical purposes (as part of therapeutic cannabis treatment for example), for recreational purposes or to enjoy medicinal plants, the vaporizer is currently available in an impressive choice of models.

This market is booming, and a vaporizer comparator can offer you dozens of models if you request specific features. Choosing the right vaporizer is therefore not always easy. This guide tells you more on weed vaporization and helps you make a thoughtful choice.

Conduction or convection vaporizer?

combustion or vaporizationYou will find on this site that some vaporizers work with a convection vaporization system while others work with conduction. You will also be able to see on a vaporizer comparator that the heating system is often put forward to compare existing models on the market. In short, this is a criterion to consider before buying a vaporizer.

The conduction is relatively pointed out because the grass, medicinal plant or oil to be vaped is placed directly on the heating element of the device. There is, therefore, a risk of combustion when it is harmful since the products burn at the heating link to remove the active ingredients (without smoke). Rendez-vous sur ce site for more on vaporizers!

A convection vaporizer attracts more users because the product is not in direct contact with the heating element. A flow of hot air flows through it and thus extracts the active ingredients without risking burning the plant or oil.

A conduction vaporizer still has some advantages. It is more compact, less expensive and has a longer battery life. A convection model has a better steam quality despite a higher cost and a larger size. It also consumes more energy.

Portable or desktop cannabis vaporizer?

The second choice will have to be between a desktop vaporizer and a portable model. These two categories are also part of the characteristics that your vaporizer comparator will highlight.

The difference is obviously in size. A desktop vaporizer is impressive and quite bulky. It is used at home, placed on a table. Virtually all manufacturers offer them because many users enjoy their herbs and other medicinal plants at home. A home vaporizer is much more complete, with various more precise features than on portable models. And the duration of use is unlimited since the device is connected to the mains.

On the other hand, portable cannabis vaporizers are available in two categories: conventional portable vaporizers and pen vaporizers. The principle is the same, but the difference is in terms of compactness. Both are easy to carry in hand, but the classic portable models are more significant than the pen models. In any case, portable vaporizers are perfect for those who want to vaporize their favorite plants and herbs anywhere and at any time. And today’s manufacturers are competing in ingenuity to combine compactness and performance. Current users are more demanding on these points.

You now know the different criteria to compare on a vaporizer comparator. And to make the best choice, it is essential to determine the characteristics you expect from a vaporizer. You will be even more satisfied and save time when buying. In any case, note that cannabis (therapeutic or recreational) is far from being the only product to enjoy with a vaporizer. Many medicinal plants vaporize, and you can discover their benefits here.

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