Working with Bcom
When you choose bcom, you’re choosing a long-term partnership, whether you are a large corporation or a smaller firm, becoming an investing member or a customer.

Why ?

When you choose bcom, you’re choosing a long-term partnership for: accelerating your innovations with our three key features:

  • expertise, cultural diversity, and critical mass
  • confidentially prototyping the technological products and modules of your dreams to serve your clients
  • getting your products ready for release by using unique technological tools to up-scale them
  • ensuring the success of your innovations with a strategy centered on the end user
  • optimizing your investments and operating costs.

Who is it for?

bcom conducts outreach to both large corporations and smaller firms via its Economic Interest Grouping. The institute’s focus on digital technologies is a natural fit for all industries and services. Whether you work in smart buildings, health, retail, sports, luxury goods, tourism, or elsewhere, you’re welcome to join in!

Become a shareholder

Want to become a member? In return for the benefits listed, every member agrees to:

  • pay membership dues
  • assign staff to a project whose terms are defined collectively. The amount of dues owed varies based on the size of your structure and your desired level of participation and membership (funder, associate). Contact us

Become a customer of bcom

Do you have occasional R&D needs? Want access to high-end technological equipment? Looking to hold an event in an innovation-friendly environment? b<>com can meet your needs by offering research services, consulting, and infrastructure and equipment for lease.

International cooperation

While it is a member of France’s network of Institutes of Research and Technology, b<>com has also looked abroad and built relationships with laboratories and companies that relate to its own fields of technology. European collaborative projects, technology partnerships, research equipment sharing, and testing partnerships are just some of the possibilities for cooperative work. To learn more, contact Emmanuelle Garnaud-Gamache.

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